“Save The Goose Project”

“Save the Goose Project”  A non-profit project operating under the umbrella of the Tongass Historical Society:  In February 1989, in response to civic interest, and funding for a new museum building preliminary design, THS became the sanctioning non-profit sponsor organization for The “Save-The-Goose!” Project endeavor created by THS life member – Don Dawson. Note from Don Dawson, Project Manager:  “We’re rebuilding an amphibious seaplane right here in Ketchikan, Alaska.  You are invited to be a part of our “Save The Goose” program. We have a Grumman Corp. Goose, FAA registered N88821, first brought to Ketchikan in 1945 and flown throughout Southeast Alaska in the service of historic Ellis Airlines. Hundreds of folks have helped in the effort and you can to. Donations of labor, cash, parts, historical documents or drawings; any and all would be appreciated. If you are in Ketchikan, and would like to stop by to look at the Goose, please contact Don Dawson at mobile# (907) 617-4001 or email: aviarts@kpunet.net . A very special Thank you to the Enright Family for their invaluable support over the years in providing THS/STG a home for the restoration work to go on.”

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Click the arrow to view the slide show showing highlights of the project. Save the Goose apparel available! Please contact Don Dawson for more info.