The Tongass Historical Historical Society is a private, non-profit corporation whose purpose is to discover, preserve, and disseminate knowledge of the history of Ketchikan and Southeast Alaska for present and future generations. Established in 1961, the Society brings together people of all ages who share an interest in Ketchikan’s rich and colorful heritage.

The Tongass Historical Society is actively pursuing the preservation of the information and items intimate with our unique part of Alaska. Please visit our collections at the Tongass Historical Museum. If you are interested in our efforts and would like to be a member of the THS, please download the Tongass Historical Society Membership application.

Halibut schooner fleet at Ketchikan Cold storage dock, circa 1930 Fisher Studio photo Donor: Alfred and Elma Milotte, THS

Tongass Historical Society Directors

President – Laurie Pool

Vice President – Marvin Hill

Secretary – Jill Bennett

Treasurer – Judy Berg

Directors at Large

Susan Carson

Don Dawson

Dan Eichner

Mary Ida Henrikson

Rosie Roppel

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