“Save the Goose” Project

“Save the Goose” Project — A non-profit project operating under the umbrella of the Tongass Historical Society:  In February 1989, in response to civic interest, and funding for a new museum building preliminary design, THS became the sanctioning non-profit sponsor organization for The “Save-The-Goose!” Project endeavor created by THS life member – Don Dawson. Note from Don Dawson, Project Manager:  “We’re rebuilding an amphibious seaplane right here in Ketchikan, Alaska.  You are invited to be a part of our “Save The Goose” program. We have a Grumman Aircraft Corporation Goose flying boat, FAA-registered~ N88821, first brought to Ketchikan in 1945 and flown throughout Southeast Alaska in the service of historic Ellis Airlines, Coastal-Ellis and Alaska Airlines. Our G-21A Goose, N88821, was built in 1942 and is the 157th of 345 total Gooses produced. It was delivered to the 6th Air Force/644 Command and served until 1945. After the war, N88821 joined Ellis Air Lines of Alaska and for a time was refitted for water-only operations. Over the years, ‘821 changed hands several times, both disassembled and assembled, before resurrecting once more as C-FEFN and flying the British Columbia coast for the rest of its working career. This Goose racked up an amazing 34K-plus flight hours in grueling all-saltwater operations for nearly 50 years.

Hundreds of folks have helped in the effort and you can to. Donations of labor, cash, parts, historical documents or drawings; any and all would be appreciated. If you are in Ketchikan, and would like to stop by to look at the Goose, please contact Don Dawson at mobile# (907) 617-4001 or email: [email protected] . A very special Thank You to The Enright Family for their invaluable support over the years in providing THS/STG a home for the restoration work to go on, and also to The Oaksmith Family , who first graciously-hangered Goose 821 following its’ momentous 1992 homecoming.

Check out this article about the project on KRBD!

For anyone interested in getting some Grumman Goose N88821 Swag + Plane Tags to help support The Tongass Historical Society, Inc.’s Save-The-Goose Project restoration effort, please contact me direct for price+availability and ordering details. Photos of the swag are featured in the slide show published below. THS gets no cut from any vendor-direct tag sales, but we do have them available in stock for purchase from our partnership allotment. All tax-deductible donations are welcome and greatly-appreciated.

Don Dawson

THS-STG Pjt Coordinator”

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